Tuesday….it starts with coffee

May 25, 2010 § 1 Comment

Nuit Blanche 2009
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Tuesday is HAIR day around here.  The twinkies are getting haircuts (M a trim and D…well, a buzz cut.  It is the best and only option with his cowlick!)  and if we don’t laugh our butts off, mom is going to help me highlight my hair today. 

The kids were horrible last night….they didn’t fall asleep until well after 9:30 pm and of course, were up early…but at least I have had my POT of coffee this morning.  Somewhat disappointed with the ending of the TV show “24” last night.  I hope they do reruns so I can get my occasional dose of Keifer Sutherland.  I just about slid off the couch when he did the introduction, all bearded and sexy……as George Takei would say…..”Oh My!”

Oh….and it is sushi for two today.  Mom and I are treating ourselves to sushi and seaweed salad for lunch.  I can’t wait!  I simply love my sushi.

I have lots more to blog about….I am just in the “organizing my thoughts” stage…..

And I made the mistake the other night of watching March of the Penguins……when the little ones didn’t survive the first storm……ugh….nearly bawled my eyes out…..I might be a little emotional right now.  (here’s a secret….I’m off my PPD meds….and stabilizing)

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§ One Response to Tuesday….it starts with coffee

  • Sheri says:

    That’s why E gets his buzz-cut, too. The double cowlick on the back of his head! He looks like a rooster with longer hair… 😉 C is due for a trim but is growing out her bangs, so I am holding off as long as I can – I don’t want her to change her mind after all this time of fighting with the bangs. I know her – she will get in the chair and announce that she wants her bangs cut after 6mos of growing them out…

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