Thank God It’s Thursday

May 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

 Ugh….not being able to talk on Wordless Wednesday just about killed me!

So, it is hot here. Like July hot. My body is not ready for it. I am part polar bear and I spent the afternoon sweating my buns off waiting for D to get home to put the AC in the dining room to cool the first floor. We did have the AC on upstairs and the kids and I played in “Mama’s Bed” for quite a while yesterday.

The kids also pulled another nap strike. And then, much to the surprise of his mama, D got out of his crib and came down the stairs to visit me. Not good, not good at all! It is toddler bed and duck tape time around here. (Folks, I’m so kidding….I would never duck tape my son to his bed….velcro, yes, duck tape, no….way too messy!)

Tomorrow, we are going to the 69th Annual Lulu Circus in Plymouth Meeting. We are going for the 11 am show so it is not as hot and crowded since I am sure this weekend, they will be very busy. My dad is possibly coming with us, if his schedule allows. But the hubby is taking the day off of work and has a very long weekend. I sure hope they have elephants or Miss M will be extremely disappointed. So will her Mama. Mama loves her elephants, always has. Well, maybe not always, like when I was 3 I was terrified of elephants, but our Corps Officer (pastor) took me over to see the elephant and held me (of course I am sure he had no idea that the elephant would spray water, and snot, and whatever else they keep in their trunks, at us). After the ordeal, he bought me a tiny stuffed elephant, whom I named, Chuck. Since Major Drummond’s (our corps officer) name was Charles, I thought that Chuck was a good name. I still have that elephant….somewhere, in a box, in the basement. I love that Miss M loves elephants. I hope we get elephant rides. I’m a little excited. Come to think of it, I will probably be more excited than the kids.

We are also attending a Memorial Day party on Saturday at my 2nd cousin’s place. I am sure we will have a great time. I am going to being my “North Dakota Sink Salad” for everyone to try. Yummo.

And the diet starts on Monday. I have gained back everything I lost in the fall. And I hate it. I hate the jiggle. There is no excuse except lack of self control. And I’m done with it. Gotta get stubborn again! Who’s with me?

Oh….considering toddler beds from Walmart…..anyone have any experience with them? They are from Delta. Let me know…..

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