Friday…it’s the weekend…..

June 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

I will be going to my Aunt Ruth’s funeral in Buffalo. The hubby is going to stay with the kids and talk Monday off. We are leaving Sunday at lunch time.   I am riding for 7 (glorious) hours in the car with my parents……wait, maybe this isn’t the best idea…. I am so used to being independent and just being able to get in the car and go……..arrrghhhhh… this isn’t stressful enough…I get to ride in the back seat of the Taurus like a kid again.  Boy, I can’t wait to have to ask my Dad to stop at the next rest area so I can pee……

Sadly, that means that we have had to push back Little D’s evaluation for his speech delay until next week. I am sure that he won’t mind, but if he does need Early Intervention, I really want to get started so we can get the most out of the program. They will come to our house for “interactions” until his 3rd birthday, which is in mid-October.

There was a beautiful sunset last night and I couldn’t help but to dig out the camera and take some shots. They were heavenly and I think maybe Aunt Ruth asked for a beautiful sunset.  I made no changes or enhancements to these pictures at all. They are just beautiful the way they are and you cannot improve on perfection. Hope that you enjoy them.

After the kids got their baths, I went up and off to bed around 9 last night and slept right through. What a blessing!!! Got up early, got a nice, long, hot bath and coffee and am ready to start my day. Right now, our noisy neighbors (the house wrens…yes, there are 2….and I am pretty sure it is a male and female because they are ALWAYS arguing over something) are arguing over redecorating their new digs. They are cute little birds….but WOW! Loud!

Not sure what our day will hold for us….it has to be better than yesterday.



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