Trying Again

August 18, 2010 § 2 Comments

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Again, it has been simply ages since I wrote a really meaningful post on this blog.  I have been a bit distracted by the daily goings on in my little corner of the world.  I shall attempt to recount the past few weeks backwards since it is fresher in my head.

It is 5:22 am, I am in my pajamas with a lovely, steaming hot, mug of Tim Horton‘s coffee next to me.  That to me, is a good start to any day.  The Twinkies both have some kind of sinus thing going on.  They are little rivers of mucus and due to that, they are not sleeping well, and are in turn, cranky little monsters.  Meltdowns here, meltdowns there, meltdowns pretty much everywhere.

I had to cancel  the boy’s first speech therapy yesterday since I’m the kind of mother that doesn’t feel like sharing the germs with every other kid in the area.  It is pretty frustrating since he had only had 2 occupational therapy sessions (before the therapist went on vacation), has had about 6 sessions with his special services teacher, whom I adore, but who will be….you guessed it, going on vacation, and no speech therapy since the therapist was ON vacation.  It has been pretty frustrating since they all seem to think that 1 pm is a good time to come over….you know, 1 pm…..NAPTIME!   So we have to roll with the punches.  It is only until October 15th…..and it is through the “Easter Seals” (which I will admit, up until now…I really had no idea what they really did)….and is not costing us anything ( one of the perks of being a Montgomery county PA resident)  And today, we have the boy’s evaluation on the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit.  DH will meet me at my parent’s house, where we will drop off the girl, and then head over with the boy.  DH then has to go back to work (which he has been doing an extraordinary amount of lately, leaving me to feel much like the single mama).  It is going to be a long day around here.

He seems to be responding with some slight improvement.  He is still biting his wrists when he gets frustrated or angry or is looking for attention.  I am supposed to put the wrist at his side and do something with him that he likes, or give him a toy that he likes, which is so easy whilst potty training his sister (OOOOOhhhhh she is a stubborn one!).  It is pretty much a circus around here.  Global Developmental Delays…..three very scary words in my world.

I was very saddened to get news from for friend, Janet that she lost her 23 year old son to an overdose.  It simply broke my heart.  I will never understand why tragic things happen to good people.  23 is too young.  He hadn’t even begun to see the world.  My prayers are with the family and will be for a long time.

I haven’t vacuumed my house in 2 weeks after discovering that my DH discarded the vacuum filter when he emptied the collection container.  If you vacuum now, all you get is a nice little clogged bunch of dog hair and junk that isn’t so pretty and is spewing all kinds of fun stuff in the air.  So, in a day or two, my E-Bay find should arrive and I can properly clean my house like the little frigging domestic princess that I have become (please note very, very heavy sarcasm).  I was so tempted to buy a roomba robot vacuum, but I am sure the kids and the dogs would not like it as much as me.  And the boy, with his sensory issues, cannot stand the sound of the vacuum….that means, vacuum during nap time or after kids go to bed…..because I just have a ton of energy them  (again…note use of sarcasm)

Let’s see, what else…. Oh, we had another date night.  Mom and Dad had been on vacation in Maine for 2 1/2 weeks, so there was really no going out or doing anything.  So the Twinkies stayed overnight with Grandma and Grandpa while we went out for date night.  And there was still nothing going on, if you are hearing me, ladies……ahem.  Sigh…..good thing we aren’t having more kids…..because it would be immaculate conception…….

My days are filled with playing with the kids, occasionally feeling brave enough to take them both to the store (which gets really expensive since they each want to hold on of everything I buy).

My now 96 year old Grandmother is “Connie in Wonderland” and is fading away on us ( dementia, Alzheimer’s, leukemia, etc. etc. etc).  I don’t like to see here like this.  I would just rather remember the idea of her since when I was growing up, she was just a name who lived on the other side of the country, who would send presents at Christmas time and for my birthday.  We butted heads when I was younger and I think she enjoys the company of my sister far more than she does mine.  And 96….yeah, I really don’t want to live to be 96 and have to be in a diaper, out live 2 of my children and most of my friends, and sit in a diaper all day.  Yeah, not so much.

And in dealing with all of this, I have had headaches….bad ones.  Apparently, I have been grinding my teeth, which in turn, has been wreaking havoc on my temporomandibular joint (TMJ).  So I broke down and bought a mouth guard, like I used in high school sports, molded it to my teeth and now sleep with this horrible blue piece of whatever it is in my mouth…..very attractive……TMJ sucks…my jaw pops, my jaw gets stuck open, the muscles contract and give me a headache nearly as bad as my migraines.  Not much fun.

But my head is above water (although I have gone back on my medicines for depression…I guess I jumped to gun on that little foray).  I have every intention of continuing to blog and to try to keep reading blogs as time allows.

Enhanced by ZemantaBut here is to life (as she raises her mug of coffee) and wishing you peace in your village……

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§ 2 Responses to Trying Again

  • michelehaytko says:

    Busy girl!

    I’m a Montcopa resident too! If you ever want a play date between our twins, let me know. I love the park system (and the coffee bars!) of our area!

  • Kir says:

    you know what, you just having a sense or humor and your head above water is enough for me to be envious. there is so much going on in your world, but I know you’re going to be ok….and I’m always here if you want to vent, bitch, laugh or talk. 🙂

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