Do I sound ANGRY?

October 27, 2010 § 2 Comments

Happy blogoversary to me…..I didn’t really celebrate it the way I should have, but I have a darn good excuse. But HAPPY 5 YEARS! Now, on to the 6th year and more ranting…..

Yesterday was the boy’s “evaluation” at the Intermediate Unit.  By “evaluation” (and specifically by their CRACK POT child psychologist), I mean 7 minutes of nattering at the boy…calling him Dan, Danny, etc….(which are names ODDLY he has never heard or even would respond to BECAUSE IT IS NOT HIS NAME!). Ummm…..DUH!

Do I sound angry?   Do I seem peeved? Maybe a little…..

And from all of the nattering, the CRACK POT was able to make a tentative diagnosis……yeah, my shiny white butt……..That would be like a mechanic being able to tell you what is wrong with your car engine by listening to it from the middle of a heavy metal concert, over an old cell phone…..just not gonna happen…..AND I WILL NOT HAVE MY SON LABELED BY AN INCOMPETENT COUNTY PAID SIMPLETON!  Which was pretty much what the CRACK POT was.  No, no….that is what Medical Doctor’s specializing in developmental pediatrics are for…… Hello…..anyone heard of Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia?  Ummm, yeah….they are kind of the experts?  I mean, this lady was at least in her late 50’s, with very scary eyeliner (not that appearance counts that much) but if I was 3 and saw that….yeah, I would freak out too!

The boy was quite upset,  despite DH being there.  He was screaming, and biting his hands and was generally not interested in interacting with the evaluators (initially).  Then again, I was not terribly interested in doing much but reaching across the table to slap the CRACK POT.  Hey, Montgomery County, PA …..thanks for putting your “best” people at the Intermediate Unit.   You know which ones I am talking about….they are terse, and brash, and frankly have not rapport with 3 year old kids.  I really appreciate that our taxes are paying this dingbat’s salary!

Needless to say, it was a frustrating couple of hours.  The speech pathologist was really nice, and we shared some commonalities with our fertility, or lack there of, journey, and she seemed genuinely on board to want to help the boy out.  The Occupational Therapist, well, did you ever watch Yan Can Cook?  Yeah, he was Yan.  Very nice, just a tad difficult to understand.  I really wanted to ask him where he gets HIS Chinese food!  I know, so wrong!  While we were discussing the boy’s proprioceptive issues, he told me that I sounded like “a therapist”!  Ewwwwwww!  Anything but that!  Geez, was I not supposed to research and educate myself about my kid’s needs?  I mean, sorry to disappoint you by not being a good little lemming and just taking what you give me rather than what the boy is entitled to and deserves.  This little gray duck will not tow the party line, Comrade!

So…in essence…yesterday is not one I ever want to live through again.  I am beyond frustrated.  I am beyond angry and beyond exhaustion.  The boy will get help.  He will get better.  He had already shown us, over the past three months that he can be better.  He CAN speak.  He CAN control his behavior.  We just have to find the motivating factor that works in that situation.

We are going to get through this.


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§ 2 Responses to Do I sound ANGRY?

  • Cousin Sara says:

    Will insurance pay for an eval at CHoP? I’m sure there’s a wait…

  • michelehaytko says:

    I am so sorry! We had our first (and only) MontCo IU eval when the kids came home, a year ago. Since they evaluated at birth age instead of gestational age, they told us to call them if we had issues but they wouldnt call us. We still go to Lankenau’s clinic every 6mo just to make sure all is well still, but your day sounds like a nightmare!

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