Words of Support: I have the best friends and family!

This is just a small collection of the words of encouragement that I have received from friends and family in dealing with D’s diagnosis!

I have the best friends and family!


K— he will do fine. Will had the speech once a week at his age and also a play therapist once a week at his age. it is overwhelming but you’ll get thru it. its not as bad as it seems. I was pretty bummed when I found out Will needed speech and unfortunately put it off for bout 6months but I’m sure glad I did finally put him thru the EI when I did so he got services out of it before he turned 3. Hang in there.


If anyone can get through this obstacle in life, that person would be YOU! So sorry to hear K—…but I do believe, D will too prevail, he gets his strength from “Momma”. You will soon see that with the help given to him, he will benefit greatly! Give me a holler if you need to talk! Miss you much! Hugs and kisses to the twinkies:-) And Hubby too:-)


I wish I could show you video of Adam today and a year ago. My son had such a limited vocab… He grunted and had a few words under his belt! I am NOT kidding. I was really starting to think he’d never talk. The eval was scary for me too. He is talking in 5+ word sentences now. And so will D! You know, they told me that when evaluating it looks scary, but they sometimes have to rate lower so he will get more services if they think he needs them. Don’t focus on the rating– it’s the baseline and it will rise. You are doing the right thing for your son–getting the eval done is the first hurdle and now you’re on your way. When you get the IU one done you will find his strengths listed too! Children all develop at different rates so keep in mind that he may be advanced in other areas!!! Stay positive. When you see his growth you will be so happy. The teachers will give you strategies, resources, and spur new ideas. Keep us posted.


Sorry to hear you are having a tough time. I don’t know what the complete diagnosis is, but I hope there are good programs available that will be helpful for the speech. R had to have speech when he was little because he had so many ear infections he didn’t hear sounds right. We knew other kids who had different problems who did well with therapy. It is amazing what a good speech pathologist can do.

When R was little he also had seizures (after the speech thing)…diagnosed shortly before he turned 4. I remember how scared we were before he was diagnosed. We were fortunate that he outgrew them in middle school. Still, it was hard and sometimes made things difficult for him–mostly in getting other adults to not be afraid of it…one of his teachers especially. He had to get blood tests all the time, but he was brave because we explained everything to him and tried to keep a positive attitude about all he went through. He only cried once, and I know that guy hurt him with the needle. R Sr. and I both winced as well.

You will be surprised at how resilient your son will be, whatever is wrong with him. God gives kids a strength that somehow carries us at the same time. I will be praying for D and all of you as you find out the things you are going to have to do and try to get everything together. The more normal you keep things–meaning being yourselves and doing the usual things you do–I believe helps the kids go through all the appointments, changes and whatever. D is young and your attitudes will go a long way in how he handles things.

There’s nothing like a mother’s and father’s love, and in the same vein, a child’s love.

Hang in there, K.


Hi K,

Just read your post and want to encourage you. Early intervention is key but please don’t buy into the hype and hurt that those tests indicate. (Personally, I think the greatest intervention you can do is being HOME with your kids which you are already doing!). Benjamin indicated tons of signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder and Auditory Processing Disorder — We chose not to have him tested early on for various reasons but I knew full well what we were dealing with. B didn’t speak until he was 3. When all is said and done, what I have learned is not to give into the panic or worst case scenario everything. And to take those mother effing tests with a grain of salt. (i.e. nine year old B was tested as having the processing speed of a five year old — wtf?)

So on the other side of it all, I basically have a happy, well developed boy (who grew out of his Global Delays by the way) and he has a few learning needs which are easily circumnavigated by a supportive educational climate (CAREFULLY choose your kid’s schools…. montessori worked for B — public charter).

Hang in there, K. You have done such a spectacular job with your kids. You are such a good Momma.

By the way, B was O2 deprived. I had an abruption which led to the delays. Oh well. : )

Love you lots.

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  • Lisa C says:

    I put in a solicitation for my replacement (as SAHM to my twins) in monster.com and career builders… lol..

    My husband is mostly deployed, and I told him when he gets back, I quit… 🙂

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