About Me

I am an infertility survivor (thanks to IVF), a wife, and a stay at home mom to twins, D & M.  D is my son, M is my daughter….they are a handful.  They are in their terrible two’s……

I am married to D, and have been since 2005.  I am the youngest daughter of F and M.  I have one older sister, K.  I was born in Buffalo NY to a Canadian father and half Canadian Mom.  Three out of my four grandparents are/were Canadian.  I am more Canadian than I am American….and I like it that way.

I enjoy all kinds of sports and live in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I still cheer for my Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres on occasion, but I am a HUGE Philadelphia Phillies and Philadelphia Eagles fan.

I am addicted to Facebook and am also quite fond of twitter (you can find me on twitter at AMama2Twins).

If you know me in real life, great……if you want to, let me know……

I have been blogging snce 2005.  I have blogged under other names, of which, I am not going to list here.  There are certain people in real life who I thought were my friends who knew of the other blogs….I would rather them not be apart of this blog……. so this is my attempt to turn the page.  It is going to be a random topic blog……stick around….you never know what I might talk about…….

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  • Krissi says:

    You and I have a lot in common! We both have boy/girl twins conceived through IVF and we live in NY! I would love to feature your success story (as I am in need of some! I do them every Sunday on my blog that I write to help other infertiles). Please stop by and check it out! Happy ICLW!!

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