Another Saturday

November 19, 2005 § Leave a comment

WEll, day # 2 of Clomid. Not as bad as last month. No hot and cold flashes. It is about 29 degrees outside, I could use a warm flash right now. Losing 35 pounds makes winter a little different this year. I have lost my thick layer of blubber and now get cold so easily.

Wednesday is another ultrasound and FSH. If I am ready to ovulate, they will give me the HCG again and then Black Friday will be try # 2. Also, having the wonderful hysteroscopy. Oh joy! My uterus on TV IN LIVING COLOR. There are just somethings that I do not need to see. More cramping, how fun.

Trying to stay calm and positive. Still have cold (3 weeks) and am hoping that it does not turn into bronchitis like it did in the spring.

Off to work……


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