Frustration, thy name is MOTHERHOOD!!!!

October 25, 2010 § 1 Comment

Frustration Bliss
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So I am on my 10th day of this cold, or bronchitis, or walking pnuemonia or whatever it is….I am running a fever, coughing my head off, wheezing, and have a splitting headache……someone just kill me now.  I took to boy for his 3 year check up and flu shot this morning and he was an absolute monster….which really helped my headache…(insert heavy sarcasm) and they both decided, after spending their first night in their toddler beds, to pull a nap strike and not take a nap today.  How lucky am I?  Oh, AND, tomorrow is the boy’s evaluation at the Intermediate Unit.  It should be a real treat….you know, like root canal, or bamboo shoots under the fingernails.

I have been kicked, punched, slapped AND bitten today.  Funny how the boy actually can pull it together and behave for everyone BUT me.  Frustration, thy name is motherhood!!!!

As I write this,  he just pulled the charging video camera on to the ceramic tile floor and probably broke it.  He is screaming and throwing and knocking everything over.  Really, some days….I just wonder how long I can do this.  This is not what I had in mind for my mothering experience.  I am exhausted, fully spent, and want to do nothing but sleep until…well, things get easier.  And I know that I can’t.  I just wonder how these kids can pick the worst time to lose it…..I mean full on MELTDOWNS!!!

And tomorrow marks my 5th blogoversary.  I cannot believe that 5 years ago, i just started tinkering around, not knowing that I would face infertility, IVF, prematurity, multiples, depression, and now global delays.  It is overwhelming.  And I know that this post (or rant as the case may be) won’t be my last.  But I can hardly find the time to shower let alone blog these days.  So bear with me…..



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§ One Response to Frustration, thy name is MOTHERHOOD!!!!

  • michelehaytko says:

    Oh honey… Today was a day of meltdowns here too and I actually just had to leave the house for a run once Peter came home. (Of course, they were well behaved and ate their dinner for him). It was a rough day but, just remember… You can do it. You are doing it. One breath… One day at a time.

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